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MGG Motor & Getriebe GmbH
Tainacherfeld 17
A-9131 Grafenstein

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Guideline Return old Engines

Warranty conditions & installation guidelines

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Warranty limitations (only applies to stock list engines):
Used Engines: 12 month Warranty* (Engines < 120.000 KM)
Remanufactured Engines: 18 month Warranty*
NEW Engines: 24 month Warranty*

* * The above mentioned "warranties" are externally insured warranty extensions with fixed and non-negotiable parameters which become part of the contract upon conclusion of a purchase contract!

Warranties or warranty extensions are only valid if our
warranty conditions and installation guidelines are fully adhered to and installation is verified by authorized workshop!

The conclusion of the warranty extension is only guilty with the tranmission of the installation invoice and the car registration paper!
Without these documents we only grant the legal warranty, limited to
12 months
(see terms and conditions).

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Our opening times:

Mo. - Thu.: 9am - 12am and 1pm - 5pm
Fr. - So.: CLOSED!

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