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We work with a Slovenian partner who, due to the very high demand for Volkswagen T5 / T6 engines
specializes in the general overhaul of CFC, CXE, CXF, CAA and CXH engines.
We are happy to take your core engine (closed from the oil pan to the valve cover - without any attachments)
for a general rebuild and you will never again have the well-known problem of oil consumption!

Furthermore, in the future ONLY petrol engines from 6 cylinders as short engines
(closed from the oil pan to the valve cover - without any attachments) will be commissioned for engine repairs!

The specialty is the boxer engine from Porsche, but of course every Porsche engine is welcome!

Engine rebuild is more than just an engine repair!
When an engine is repaired, only damaged parts are replaced, whereas when an engine is rebuilded,
also called "Remanufacturing", certain processes are always carried out in order to bring the engine back to its new condition.

Experience plays an extremely important role in engine repairs!
There are numerous types of engines where repairs are not a long-term solution if the engine has a series defect!
This is where experience comes in!
Many mechanics are able to rebuild an engine, but that it then holds and does not suffer the same damage again after a long time,
which is why you had it overhauled, that includes EXPERIENCE and ANALYTICAL COMPETENCE!

Before our partner starts with the engine repair, he analyze what the cause of the engine damage was!
Basic information on the history of the vehicle or the engine is collected from the customer using a questionnaire when the order is placed.

The following work steps are carried out with EVERY engine rebuild:

• Dismantling of the motor and ultrasonic cleaning of all parts
  All parts of oldtimers are finely polished in order to come as close as possible to the new optical condition = restoration!

• Measure, balance and polish
• NEW main and connecting rod bearings
• Revision of the camshaft (s)
• NEW timing chain (s), slide rail (s), chain tensioner
• Honing of the cylinder surfaces and surface grinding of the engine block
  If the running surfaces are too damaged, new steel liners are pressed in.
NEW pistons and piston rings (!) except at restorations of
 Classic cars - when the pistons are in perfect condition, the original pistons reused!
  Our partner get oversize pistons for EVERY ENGINE!

• NEW oil pressure pump

• Check the cylinder head for leaks and cracks
• Complete overhaul of the cylinder head (surface grinding, cleaning of all channels, new valve seats, new valves,
  new valve stem seals)
• Assembling the engine including all add-on parts with (of course) new seals
• Testing the engine on the test bench for oil pressure, compression and tightness
• Delivery of the engine including a printout of the test values



With decades of experience and a nine-year history at Ferrari ® in the construction of V12 engines,
our partner is considered a luminary in Europe.




In the future we will only be available as an intermediary and will be available to every German-speaking customer in the offer phase and order processing
stand by with advice and action. The order then comes about directly with our partner, so that all matters can also be dealt with directly with the
responsible repairer of your engine can be clarified.

From the middle of 2023, the customer can watch certain sections of the engine overhaul LIVE via live stream on tik-tok or instagram.




General overhaul of the engine with 18 months warranty

Porsche 993 996 997
ab € 19.995,-

Porsche Cayenne 8 Zylinder
ab € 9.995,-

With 20 years of experience at home and abroad, specializing in the overhaul and restoration of all types and types of engines, he is particularly passionate about demanding engines V8, V10 and V12 petrol engines.

VW T5 2.0 liter engines (CFC, CXE, CSH, ...) fix series errors, never use oil again, engine rebuild with steel liners and new piston.

€ 3.495,- excl. VAT, excl. transport costs