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By our partner, in the future ONLY petrol engines from 6 cylinders up as short engines
(closed from the oil pan to the valve cover - without any attachments) will be commissioned for engine repairs!

The specialty is the boxer engine from Porsche, but of course every Porsche engine is welcome!



With decades of experience and a nine-year history at Ferrari ® in the construction of V12 engines,
our partner is considered a luminary in Europe.



In the future we will only be available as an intermediary and will be available to every German-speaking customer in the offer phase and order processing
stand by with advice and action. The order then comes about directly with our partner, so that all matters can also be dealt with directly with the
responsible repairer of your engine can be clarified.

From the middle of 2023, the customer can watch certain sections of the engine overhaul LIVE via live stream on tik-tok or instagram.

With 20 years of experience at home and abroad, specializing in the overhaul and restoration of all types and types of engines, our partner is
particularly passionate
about demanding engines V8, V10 and V12 petrol engines.